Brief: To make two tree roots for VFX film. Budget: £90 Time: 1 week

I have decided to use upholstery foam, latex, two part soft foam and armature wire. 

View short film at:

The Missing Hand

Brief: To make a realistic severed silicone hand. 

I painted the hand with addition cure silicone and oil based paint to make it look realistic.

View teaser at:


Brief: To hand-paint a designer toy custom sculpted by artist PJ Constable to sell at Toy Con 2017. 

I have chosen a classic Baphomet devil style to match the horns as he has not done one like this already, as I thought this would sure be a popular design. This was the first on his booth to sell at Toy Con 2017.

Using a combination of gloss and matt laquer model paints give this a unique spot gloss finish, and layering the paint on thick makes it look like scarring for the pentagram.

See his work here: