Work History

‘Zone Creations’ (2014/2018-Present)

‘The Macallan no.6 in Lallique’ project fabricating high quality whisky boxes made of Corian© with a high glossy finish.

Tasks included fixing and making sliding mechanisms with acrylic cogs, working with PA1 and plastiweld for assembling, spray painting and using problem solving techniques to assemble the boxes. This involves screwing together the two shells to the inner gold acrylic insert so that they match seamlessly with no steps; adjusting each box accordingly to the problem it has. Also, basic tasks such as packing finished products with care, sanding edges, keying, hand polishing and buffing out scratches.


‘Universal Creations’ (2014-2015)

The Centenary Soldier 'The Everyman Remembered’ sculpture by artist Mark Humphrey. A bronze cold cast resin statue about 5m tall.

Creating the seam line design in the statue's uniform by using a Dremel and sanding. Ageing with iron paste and buffing to create a high shine. Filling in seam lines, sanding and refining irregularities and airbubbles.Fibreglassing large moulds for the gun following safety precautions.


James Bond 'Spectre' (2015)

Making wine glasses with breakaway glass to create and a variety of props by moulding and casting. Creating wood moulds for a variety of guns and rocket launchers. Filling in gap between wood and gun with plastiline to get a clean seam line. 

Trailer:Breaking the Mould - BBC Three Takes on Gender

Making 1/6th scale model of a plant pot, eggs, apple, making a miniature kitchen & hob whilst using own creative ideas and initiative to get the best possible result.

See video here: LINK

Various projects


Sanding 3D prints. Making various weapons; Filling and cleaning up seam lines, ageing, dremelling, fibreglassing.

‘Theme Traders’ (October & December 2016)

Painter and prop maker - Various projects for Halloween and Christmas

Spray painting, airbrushing, texturing with Idenden and heat guns, weathering big boards creating the impression of a dilapidated old prison. Mixing two part foam to repair damaged poly carving. Detail paint work and using textiles on select props to cater to clients specific requests. Painting and repairing Christmas decorations and patching up using glitter. Repairing and touch ups for a variety of props.

Painting assistant for French Illustrator Clara Bacou (November 2016)

Clean and accurate sign and mural painting and wood work construction for London Reggae ‘Smile Jamaica’ event by The Marleys. (200cmx400cm)

'Tate Collectives' with 'Circuit' at the 'Tate Modern' and 'Tate Britain' Galleries

‘Oxymoron’ (July 2012)

Organised an evening of ‘unified opposites’ inspired by the works of Damien Hirst.


‘LOUD Tate: Alternate Perceptions' (September 2012)
Prepared an immersive music and performance event in the Tate Britain. Inspired by the painting of the Lady of Shalott in the Tate Britain. Setting up interactive boxes where people can look in to see a distorted reflection of traditional paintings.


‘Label’ (November 2012)
Planned and named the event exploring questions of identity and belonging.



‘Tate Lab’ (December 2013)
Project and art supervisor for Dominic McGill workshop at Tate Britain to create tshirts using text and collage to create 3D graphic models.


‘Hyperlink’ (April 2013)
Curating a 3 day festival of art, music and fashion collaborating with many artists exploring the six degrees of separation. Taking place in the Tanks; Tate Modern. It successfully attracted 20,000 young people to the gallery over the 3 days.


‘Late at Tate: Chronology’ (June 2013)
Managing a programme of cutting edge music, art and performance with artists such as Mark Peter Wright and  UAL fashion. 


‘LOUD Tate: Pendulum’ (September 2013)
Devised a series of interactive workshops with exciting and upcoming artists.


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