Octopus Theatrical Armour piece

I will make a blue ringed octopus armour piece for a theatre. I want it to be bright in coloured so it can be seen from a distance. I will take a modroc bandage plaster mould of my shoulder with help. Then I will place plaster and scrim inside my mould to create a cast of my shoulder. I will then seal it with shellac and start sculpting my design onto the cast. 

I have bought an octopus and placed it on my shoulder so I have a good reference for positioning of an octopus and how it would look.

Sculpting in wed clay on top of my personal shoulder body cast.

After finishing my sculpt, I have walled up around my sculpture in clay to create a wall for m plaster and ensuring there aren't any large undercuts, I proceed to take a mould of my sculpture. I first lay on a thin layer of plaster all over my sculpture so it catches all the detail, then i proceed to layering on more plaster then with scrim until it becomes about 5cm thick.

Once the mould has dried, I clean out the clay out the inside of the mould and then once clear of water, I apply talcum powder in the inside lightly and then apply a layer of latex. I then layer fibreglass tissiue with the latex and do about 3 layers. I make sure to finish off with a layer of latex so that it doesn't irritate my skin when wearing.

Finished painted cast. I have used UV paint for the blue rings so that it glows under UV light.