Japanese Tengu (crow man) for Stop-Motion Animation

With inspiration from my heritage and trip to Japan, I have decided to make a Japanese Tengu which is a mythological crow hybrid character.

Making the armature for sculpting onto with Chavant Sulfur free medium plastiline.

Starting to bulk out the sculpture by following human male muscle structure reference. Whilst combining the head of a crow and enhancing shoulder muscles.

I have smoothed everything out as if there were a skin layer on top of the muscle. Close up details on crow feet.

After walling up with clay I have sealed the water based clay with shellac then continued to apply gel coat resin to catch the details and then applied fibreglass tissue to stop shrinkage.

Applying two layers of fibreglass mat with general purpose resin and a finishing layer of fibreglass tissue. After that, I have applied a release agent of vaseline and then I have continued to do the same thing on the other side.

I have drilled holes in the flange of the mould so I can put wing nuts and bolts to clamp shut. Once opening the mould I have cleaned out the plastiline clay with lighter fluid and a coarse paint brush.

I have repaired any air bubbles in the mould by filling with 'Milliput' two part epoxy. Then I have continued to drill small holes in the finger tips, backside and head to ensure there are no air bubbles whilst casting. 

I have made a basic armature for my silicone sculpt including the beak by using chemiwood , milliput and animation wire. I have then wrapped plaster bandage all over the wire to make sure the silicone has something to grip to.

I have bent the fingertips and inserted into the holes so that it can 'float' in the mould.

I have applied petroleum jelly thickly all around the edge of my mould so that the silicone does not leak when casting.

When mixing the silicone, I have mixed in some oil based paint to pigment the silicone so it will be easier when painting. I have mixed a dark purple colour as black would not be very flattering. Casting by placing upside down and pouring in from the feet. as the silicone leaked out of the drilled holes, I have plugged them with plasticine, and I have made a box in the top so that if there are any air bubbles and it drops down, there will be extra silicone to fill in.

Cast of 'Tengu'