The Green Man

The Green man is a Celtic mythological symbol of rebirth, representing the cycle of growth each spring. He is often depicted as a man made of oak leaves, acorns and branches. They are commonly used as a decorative architectural ornament. My brief was to make a wall plaque of my interpretation of the Green man for a new feature film. I have designed it so it looks like a neutral character and I wanted it to look like the face was being pushed out of the wall. 

Starting to sculpt on a piece of 90 x 90cm board so that even though my sculpture is smaller i have enough room to mould on.

Finished Green Man sculpture in wed clay. For the bark texture I have created texture pads out of latex by layering latex on my desired patch of tree bark texture, then once dried stamping onto my sculpture to get a realistic look.

I have walled up my shape with joggles in wed clay then continued to pour on a thin layer of silicone to catch all the details then put a thick layer of silicone to prepare for the fibreglass jacket.

After completing two layers of thixotropic thickened silicone layers, once cured, I have applied gel coat then fibreglass tissue, with general purpose resin then two layers of fibreglass mat and a finishing layer of tissue.

Primed with grey spray primer and then applied a base coat of a dark brown spray paint all over.

After painting by dry brushing over texture and using washes. I added yellow tones to replicate lichen.